"a decidedly Tarantino-esque farce" 

 Fringe Guru, 4/5 Stars

"proving that an audience can be fully immersed in a multi-character story with nothing but one woman and a chair on stage."  

Edinburgh Festival Magazine, 4/5 Stars 

"Dickless proves entertaining, engaging and utterly engrossing.”

"Like a one-person action movie with a generous serving of jet black comedy to whet the appetite.”

"The Edinburgh Fringe is packed full of one-person performances, but this is among the more convincing I’ve seen, effortlessly blending humour, emotion and storytelling to give a rounded and believable performance.” 

The 730 Review, 4/5 Stars


DICKLESS (2017)  | Director


Narrated by Saff (who’s on the run), and Oli (who should be), what starts as an internet rumour and an incriminating photo fast becomes an adrenaline-fuelled quest for revenge, replete with headless cats, bizarre sexual conquests, and girls behaving monstrously.

Gossip, scandal, and a rumour mill in overdrive – the brutal underworld of small-town England unravels over the course of one night, with consequences that will forever alter the lives of those involved.

Written by Aisha Josiah (Sir Peter Shaffer Award recipient)

Produced by Sam Underwood & Virginia Podesta

The Fundamental Theater Project

Directed by Jamie Sims 

Featuring Lauren Downie and Tessa Fairey

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2017, with previews at 59E59 Theaters, New York City July 2017